Welcome to the Capitol Preservation Board Blog on the Executive Office Building.

With the Utah State Capitol Base Isolation and Renovation complete the Board has requested the Executive Director to move forward with studying phase five of the master plan – The Executive Office Building.

This blog will provide current information on the study as it progresses.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Executive Office Building Study – Update 2

With the preliminary information from the facilities assessment available, the consultant and the executive director turned their attention to investigation of options for the study to focus upon. The options which the consultant has been asked to investigate are:
1. Restore the existing State Office Building to the 1959 design
2. Retain the building structure (with modifications) and re-skin the building with a more compatible design for Capitol Hill and its master plan.
3. Retain the building structure (with modifications) add on to the building to increase square footage by adding space to the north, south or both.
4. Remove the existing building and design a new structure that is compatible with Capitol Hill and it master plan.

There are several constraints that the consultants and the executive director will have to address in the study and analysis of each option these include:
1. Displacement of occupants of the existing State Office Building.
2. Parking on Capitol Hill.
3. The State of Utah is currently in need of some 150,000 GSF of space in Salt Lake Valley.
4. Communication equipment located on top of the State Office Building.
5. Data Processing Center located behind the State Office Building.
6. Accessibility to the facilities during construction.
7. Height relationships.
8. Energy Efficiency and environmental sustainability.
9. Functional needs on Capitol Hill.
10. Agency needs on Capitol Hill and off.

The executive director and consultant have identified May 26, 27 and 28 of 2009 as a workshop where members of the Board, employee and community member will be invited to participate and share their thoughts and ideas for the Executive Office Building.

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