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With the Utah State Capitol Base Isolation and Renovation complete the Board has requested the Executive Director to move forward with studying phase five of the master plan – The Executive Office Building.

This blog will provide current information on the study as it progresses.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Executive Office Building Study – Update 1

Existing Building Assessment – The consultant team of Structural, Mechanical and Electrical engineers have been reviewing the exiting State Office Building documents and existing conditions. Preliminary reports indicated that:
· Structural System is inadequate for the seismic conditions of the site and will not survive the predicted seismic event for Capitol Hill. This is due largely to the minimal size of columns and other structural elements in the building.
· Mechanical Systems are old and antiquated. Many of which have been held together with good maintenance procedures but have outlived their useful life by many years. Systems are now in a state of progressive failure and are predicted to become more troublesome with each passing year.
· Electrical and Data systems have been overlaid many times in the 50 years the building has been in service. While wire management has been employed there is still a variety of problems and incompatibilities that exist within the systems.
· Architecturally the building space plan is inefficient due to it size and shape reducing the office area to long single loaded office environments or large open spaces suits that are both over crowed and underutilized.

A complete report will be published at the conclusion of the assessment phase of the work.

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