Welcome to the Capitol Preservation Board Blog on the Executive Office Building.

With the Utah State Capitol Base Isolation and Renovation complete the Board has requested the Executive Director to move forward with studying phase five of the master plan – The Executive Office Building.

This blog will provide current information on the study as it progresses.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Day two focused upon options. These options covered the three primary areas which are:
1. Restore the Existing Building
a. Historic Skin
b. New Energy efficient Skin
c. New Compatible Skin that uses the design guidelines for new building
2. Remodel existing structure with an addition
a. Three story addition on the south and north
b. Four story addition on the south and north
c. Phase additions to the existing building
3. Demolish and Build a new building
4. Build a new modern building in the hillside using the design guidelines for new building and demolish the existing building.

Each of the options was judged by the workshop team based upon the prioritization of the design guidelines which were voted upon earlier. These include:
1. Materials (78)
2. Energy & sustainability (46)
3. Operational Continuity (41)
4. Subservience (38)
5. Symmetry of Plan (36)
6. Windows (35)
7. Classical Orders (33)
8. Mass & Volume (32)
9. Axis (25)
10. Column (25)
11. Balustrade (24)
12. Symmetry of Elevation (23)
13. Proportion (22)
14. Rhythm (21)
15. Perstyle (19)
16. Floor Alignment (19)
17. Human Scale (14)

Throughout the discussion of each option the working group evaluated the options based upon the prioritized list of design guidelines. At the end of the day the following direction was provided to the design team.
1. Proceed with the following options for future review and discussion
a. For budget purposes only study the restore with new energy effect skin and compatible materials. This is not a preferred option just a base line.
b. Study the application of a historically detailed skin on the existing building without expansion.
c. Expand the existing building with new space located on the north and the south. Expansion may be as large as 150,000 GSF. For every 1,000 GSF of new office space add one parking stall.
d. Demolish the existing building and study the development of a 180,000 GSF new building.
e. Studies the options of a new modern building designed using the guidelines for new buildings but set it back into the north hill, then demolish the existing building.
2. provide cost data
3. Develop a new master plan with whatever options seams to be the preferred after study.

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